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Parents who encourage the daily use of new creative concepts and process skills enhance their child’s ability to learn the skills necessary for success.


Upbringing and education are important for the development of a child and are the joint responsibility of parents and school. Collaborations with parents as well as their support to school projects has been proven to be successful. Although, parent and school partnerships are very successful and seem very logical, they don’t take place on a large scale. Only if the school has an open attitude, there will be a high degree of involvement of parents.

The Open Schools for Open Societies Project aims to achieve an improved collaboration between school and its community, including parents, through the implementation of an open school approach at primary and secondary schools in Europe. The Open Schools project collects and shares good examples of and for participating schools. This gives schools the inspiration and an insight in how to collaborate with parents. In addition, the Open Schools project aims to provide parents with the needed guidelines on how to be involved in an Open School. Parents can contribute by visibly supporting this approach, by being involved in educational activities or by connecting their own network to the school.

To find out more about Open Schools for Open Societies and to become part of this project, contact the participating schools or the National Coordinator. If your child’s school is not yet taking part, our national coordinators can help you to bring that school into contact with this project.

Please download our brochure:

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The impact of School, Family and Community on Students Achievement




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