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The world no longer rewards people just for what they know, but for what they can do with what they know.

In the last few years, there has been growing consensus that the traditional and knowledge-based form of education is insufficient to prepare students for the increasingly complex society. Competence-based education fits better and ensures, more than knowledge-based education, that students will be better prepared for the fast changing world.

In recent years, many schools have tried to implement competence-based education into traditional education practice. This proved to be complex, because schools can be very autonomous and very closed. The Open Schools for Open Societies Project aims to achieve that schools open up for their community to give students the opportunity to learn in the real world. Learning in the real world will contribute to a higher motivation and self-esteem of students. In addition, competence-based education has a better chance of succeeding in an open school.

Open schools are part of the community and their education increases the commitment of different groups. Policy makers can contribute by visibly supporting this open school approach, but also by supporting schools to implement the approach and using their many years of knowledge, experience and their own network.

To find out more about Open Schools for Open Societies and to become part of this project, contact the participating schools or the National Coordinator.

The Open Schooling Model
The OSOS Open Schooling Model presents a three‐step process, aiming to Stimulate, Incubate and  Accelerate the uptake of innovative RRI practices in school communities and national policies.  It describes the full cycle of the school transformation with the support of the OSOS support mechanism towards an sustainable open school.
D2.1 Open Schooling Model

The Open Schooling Roadmap
The Roadmap proposes a concrete overview of the implementation of open schooling  approaches, offering a clear description of the necessary steps that schools will need to take in order to become Open Schools that bring together as many stakeholders as possible with an aim to produce ideas and solutions that address local issues and challenges.
D2.3 Open Schooling Roadmap

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