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The OSOS project uses a bottom-up approach, because teachers have an important role in successful innovation.

In an open school environment, teachers are invited to work together with the community, such as parents, businesses and policy makers to transforming their students to more responsible citizens. The commitment of the community to a school has many advantages for teachers. The community may support students and teachers inside, but also outside the school. These collaborations may help teachers to be more up-to-date with their own subject and to get more inspired by good examples from practice. Teachers will get more motivated and inspired students. This is because students find it much more interesting to be involved in the real world and dealing with real issues.

Many teachers find it difficult to implement an open school approach consistently because it asks for more preparation and more energy. At the same time, the unknown can make a teacher reluctant. This three-year Open Schools for Open Societies project aims to help teachers from a thousand European primary and secondary schools with the implementation of an open school approach, which is not difficult nor time consuming. It is expected that, towards the end of the project, the online communities will include a rich collection of learning resources and applications that will facilitate the implementation of an Open School.

What kind of teachers and schools are we looking for? This open school approach suits schools that are innovative or want to be innovative. If a school is not yet innovative, they will get the support to become so. It is also important that a school wants to collaborate with its community.

To find out more about Open Schools for Open Societies and to become part of this project, contact the participating schools or the National Coordinator.

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