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The OSOS project is a bottom up approach that is based on the concept the teachers communities are the core nodes for the introduction of innovation in the school settings while at the same time they are offering unique professional development opportunities.


The OSOS project will use the Inspiring Science Education services allowing and guiding the teachers to participate in a dynamic network of international communities. These communities are internally and flexibly structured and organized based on the activities and the content that each

community implements, uses and publishes and allow the teachers to organize their groups or classrooms in terms of students and content, learning scenarios and tools.

Using these tools, schools will be supported to build and organize their own profile and workspace in the platform and to support different users’ involvement under their school communities and professional development. These tools are considered as distinct components “added” under each community created in the platform, in relevance to the learning concept/discipline/context they are designed by their managers/creators.

It is expected that towards the end of the project the OSOS online Communities will include a rich collection of learning resources and applications that will facilitate the effective introduction of the OSOS Best Practices in the school practice.

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