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Welcome to the most inspiring part of our website. Please take a look at these great examples of open schools. 

Schools can count on support around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. There will be given guidelines and advices on different issues such as staff development, redesigning time, and partnerships with for instance; local industries, businesses, research centres, parents and policy makers. Finally, schools can count on a range of possible implementation models and a database full of existing ‘open school’ projects. In this project, these projects are called ‘accelerators’ and they will contribute to the transformation to an open school of participating schools.

If you have an activity or project that you think might fit into OSOS, please share it with us. Find more
information about sharing inspiring projects at the bottom of this page.



Water how it’s used and governed is a vital consideration for human health and well-being.The aim of the project is to design learning resources that…

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Transfer office to connect school and its community

A Transfer Office is a physical space in the centre of the school where daily contacts take place between the school and its community. The…

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The world goes on

Students are going to explore the world in an entrepreneurial way. They choose a country, deepen in their chosen country and related chosen themes such…

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Sustainability in the school for our future!

7th and 8th grade students, together with young mentors from the nearby college, will investigate their school environment, looking for hazards. The students and mentors…

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Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration

Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration is a research and development project for theinnovative OSOS schools. Exploration and pioneering have inspired and shaped…

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Strategies of waste prevention and resource management the „out-of-school“-learning location power plant explored at an e-learning platform

A regional waste incineration plant will provide the learning focus, on-site and virtual. An e-learning platform will function as the „out-of-school“-learning location of the power…

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STEMpowering Youth

“STEMpowering Youth” is a project of non-typical education, organized from SciCo (Science Communication-NGO) implemented in Greek rural areas. According to the last announced results of…

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Space Sciences: Asteroids Protection

Inquiry based learning by the pupils on real life problem of tracking stray asteroids and other astronomic bodies. The learning process is innovative in that…

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Science in the Schoolyards

Science in the Schoolyards promotes the use of schoolyards from Portuguese Elementary Schools as core spots for teaching science. Students from participant schools develop a…

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Schools Study Earthquakes

The specific project focuses on the study of a physical phenomenon with great societal impact andproposes pedagogical practices based on inquiry-based methods that are more…

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Quantum Spin-off

Quantum Spinoff brings science teachers and their pupils in direct contact with research andentrepreneurship in the high-tech nano sector, with the goal of educating a…

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Our Coffee Culture – supporting growth in a sustainable way

You only need to walk past a coffee shop in Dublin, or any part of the country, to see that Ireland, acountry of tea drinkers…

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Optimal plant growth conditions

In this biology experiment the factors that influence the seed germination are studied by the exclusion method. These include light, moisture, air, heat, and mold.…

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NANOCHANNELS was an FP7 project. It was a unique public experiment of democratic dialogue in action about the new industrial revolution that could change the…

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My school voyages with Perseus

Activity aims to help and enhance environmental education, focusing on clean seas stewardship in schools. Educators along with marine scientists have a role in supporting…

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Sharing inspiring projects

OSOS activities are an essential part of the project, as they provide schools with innovative practices with the Open Schooling culture. If you have an activity or project that you think might fit into OSOS, you can send it to us so that we can evaluate it to be an OSOS Accelerator.

This is an international project that is being carried out simultaneously in a total of 12 countries at both European and non-European level. Because of this reason, we are gathering practices from anywhere in the world. This is the procedure:

Fill in this online form with your activity data and specifications. We ask you for some information to contact you later, as well as basic information and specs about your proposal. We will evaluate the submitted proposals and make a selection of the most interesting activities for being OSOS Accelerators. We will send a template to its creators so that they can write down more detailed information about the activity. We will need this document to share it with the teachers, so we need to know some detailed information (like what do you have in mind, how you want to develop the activity, what do you need, etc.)

This process is opened for the whole OSOS Project (2017-2020), so you can submit your proposal whenever you want. University of Deusto is in charge of this task, so don’t hesitate to contact them at or at if you need any support.


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