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Top view of group of students sitting together at table. University students doing group study.

Welcome to the most inspiring part of our website. Please take a look at these great examples of open schools. 


The OSOS best practices will act as accelerators of the introduction of OSOS approach in the participating schools. They will help innovative schools to proceed more and develop their innovative ideas to new localised projects that could provide new solutions for the school and its community, for bringing the gap between formal and informal learning settings and creating new opportunities for personalisation at different levels (student, teacher, school).

At this level, innovation has to be the norm in the school operation that will act as an Open Schooling Hub, an environment that shares a culture that imports external ideas that challenge internal views and beliefs and, in turn, exports its students – and their assets – to the community it serves.


The Heerbeek Open School College

the Heerbeek Open School College

  Please take a few minutes to see and hear how the Heerbeek College is transferred into an open school. The Heerbeek College is a…

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Be Meaningful To Your Community

Be meaningful to your community

In a new project, Dutch learners aged 12 and 13, learn more about how to be more important to their own community. They start their…

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Transfer Office To Connect School And Its Community

Transfer office to connect school and its community

A Transfer Office is a physical space in the centre of the school where daily contacts take place between the school and its community. The…

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Dark Skies Rangers Global Initiative

Dark Skies Rangers Global Initiative

Energy conservation is a critical problem that needs to be addressed further in schools. The Dark Skies Rangers Global Initiative is an awareness programme aimed…

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The School Garden

The School Garden

The School Garden initiative in Greece has evolved gradually to build 100 school gardens, bringing gardening and plant-based learning at the forefront of primary education.…

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The Cemetery App

The cemetery app

How are learners motivated to know more about history of their own city? In Spain, learners visited an ancient cemetery in their city. They have…

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Sharing inspiring projects

Each participating school is invited to share inspiring projects with other schools from the Open Schools for Open Societies project. This creates a rich platform on the website which members can use. Please send your well documented inspiring project to ………
The OSOS team will contact you within 1 week to discuss it.

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