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Open Schools for Open Societies

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Open School Experiences

Several participating schools have written an article about their open school experiences and open schools projects. These articles are published in the Open Schools Journal, which you can read here. Countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain

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About Open Schools

An open school is a more engaging environment for learning and makes a vital contribution to the community: student projects meet real needs in the community outside school and draw upon local expertise and experience. And finally: learning in and together with the real world creates more meaning and more motivation for learners and teachers.

Schools will be supported to make vital contributions to their communities,  student projects will meet real needs, they will be presented publicly, and draw upon local expertise and experience.
The school environment will foster collaboration, mentoring, and will provide opportunities for learners to understand and interrogate their place in the world.


OSOS invites school heads, educators, museum professionals, researchers, parents associations and students themselves to design a new type of school. Please download our brochure

The Opens Schools for Open Societies project will support your school to implement Open Schooling approaches by:

→     Setting out the open schooling values and principles for action around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment

→      Offering guidelines and advice on issues such as staff development, redesigning time and partnerships with relevant organisations (local industries, research organisations, parents associations and policy makers)

→      Suggesting a range of possible implementation models from small-scale prototypes through to setting up an “open school within a school” or even designing a new school.

Inspiring Projects

Carbon detective in transport

Could you change your journey to school so that you produce less CO2? In this…

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Optimal plant growth conditions

In this biology experiment the factors that influence the seed germination are studied by the…

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CERN masterclass

  A very innovative and interdisciplinary field of activity is rapidly developing, namely sonification of…

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Music of Science

A very innovative and interdisciplinary field of activity is rapidly developing, namely sonification of scientific…

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the Heerbeek Open School College

  Please take a few minutes to see and hear how the Heerbeek College is…

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