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 This project began last year with the human and material resources that the students themselves achieved. In fact, one of the objectives pursued by the project was to acquire the capacity to mobilize the resources that the students have around them, learn to work with limitations and convert ideas into tangible projects that bring social, economic or cultural value to the local community. During this course, there are collectives that continue to participate actively, such as the Club del Camín de personas con discapacidad intelectual, which takes stories and other crafts to the tunnel every Wednesday and the Club de Escritura Creativa, with which another meeting will be organized at the end of the course.

Efforts are also being made to organize a concert in the tunnel. The hairdressing students propose as a project of Entrepreneurship Initiative for this course a project of Service Learning in which they will cut the hair and make changes of image to people from senior centers in exchange for stories that they will document in different formats and link to the Bottled Stories project. They also intend to publish a compilation of these stories on paper.

Age: 16 to 18

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