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There are many abandoned places, but where are they? Although we might think they are far away from the cities, the reality is that many of them are only a few meters away from our school.
Bottled Stories is an Accelerator that proposes to search for this abandoned place near the school to work to recover it and give it a new use which can improve the community around us. First, students will search and identify the abandoned places around them, voting and discussing which one best suits their ideas. Once they have it, they will be able to work on a project to restore this place and give it a new life, and the results will be shared with the community around them, so that all the neighbors can use it and take advantage of it.
Bottled Stories is an activity coordinated by Paz Fernández de Vera that took place at El Batán High School in Mieres, Asturias (Spain), with students from the Beauty Program. Students searched for abandoned places in their city and found a tunnel, which they rehabilitated by recovering it and filling it with poems written by their neighbors. They turned an abandoned place into a cultural initiative for the community.
The main objective of Bottled Stores is to improve the school environment through an innovative initiative on a specific place in the village; however, depending on the project proposed to restore this place, it proposes a cross-disciplinary learning of multiple subjects, among which are included: geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. It is a cross-disciplinary Accelerator that can be adapted to different contexts.
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