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 “Friendly Cities 4All” aims to promote civic awareness in the field of urban accessibility. Teenagers and people with disabilities map their surroundings (sharing the results in OpenStreetMap) and make suggestions for improvement (writing an accessibility report). The initiative has grown since its born in 2012, being promoted by Zerbikas Foundation (Service Learning) within the different institutions and collectives. Since 2015, more than 1000 students have been involved, from more than 10 High Schools in The Basque Country (Spain).

Some results: 10% of the students have changed their opinion about the relation between urban accessibility and disability; 90% have changed their vision about their neighbourhood; 75% percent have changed their perception of people with disabilities. Besides, by the moment, more than three thousand stores, portals and sidewalks evaluated and two square kilometers are surveyed (in surroundings of Bilbao). About the data recollected by the students: sidewalks are mostly green (accessible) and portals and stores are mostly red (not at all). Students realized about it AND have been discussed the difference between public and private; the need of a collective awareness.

Age: 12 to 18

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