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The main aim of the Learning Science Through Theatre (LSTT) approach is to give the opportunity to primary and high school students to stage a play and dramatize scientific concepts and knowledge from the material being taught in schools.

The LSTT’s domain specific objectives are to:

  • Get students interested in science and research through theatrical play
  • Teach students how to develop a theatrical script, relevant to a scientific topic
  • Initiate the development of a theatrical performance from students, regarding a scientific topic
  • Initiate contact between students and other professionals (for example directors and musicians)
  • Bring schools closer to local community
  • Engage parents and the general public into schools’ happenings and events
  • Build National-wide student networks
  • Open the school to the community and involve all the stakeholders.

Towards attaining these objectives, peripheral aims are formed addressing students’ needs to:

  • develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
  • develop understandings about scientific inquiry
  • identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations
  • design and conduct theatrical scripts relevant to scientific concepts and issues
  • use technology to improve investigations, communications and the development of theatrical

performances and videos

  • formulate and revise scientific scripts exploiting creativity and imagination
  • recognize, analyze and imagine alternative explanations and models
  • communicate a scientific argument or issue in a creative way
  • develop lifelong learning skills
  • develop attitudes befitting a scientific ethos
  • link with science and society in a personal context

Ages: 7-18

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