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You only need to walk past a coffee shop in Dublin, or any part of the country, to see that Ireland, acountry of tea drinkers traditionally, is quickly becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs. But how sustainable is our growing coffee drinking culture? Recent stats revealed that approximately two million throwaway coffee cups are sent to landfill annually in Ireland. The recent ‘Latte Levy’ introduced in Ireland introduces a fee of 10 to 15 cents per disposable coffee cup to encourage drinkers to use reusable alternatives and to ultimately, curb this unsustainable problem.Schools will investigate the coffee consumption and coffee cup usage amongst their family members.

They will work with a local coffee shop, support them with advertising greener alternatives? + analyze if the coffee cup consumption has decreased over a certain period.The increased coffee consumption is not all doom and gloom, coffee grounds make for nutrient-richmulching and fertilizing agents for gardens! The next stage of the projects will see launch a campaign in the coffee shop. Encouraging users to save the coffee grounds so the school can add them to the soil to grow vegetables and plants – therefore supporting sustainable societies.

Age: 8 to 15

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