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“STEMpowering Youth” is a project of non-typical education, organized from SciCo (Science Communication-NGO) implemented in Greek rural areas.

According to the last announced results of OESD PISA, Greek students received among the lowest rankings in the EU in science subjects and the results were even lower in remote rural areas. The country’s educational system does not support interactive hands-on education and does not connect science with everyday life. As an outlet to this issue, we developed:Model 1 (implemented)Extracurricular program which is comprised of 9 weekly courses.

The subjects are STEM oriented and the methodology is project-based. The courses include Astronomy lessons, Arduino Basics, Engineering Projects, GPS tracking and applications, water the main component of our planet, Earthquakes and aims to educate 380 students per year.Model 2 (in progress)Equipment (educational portable kits) to enrich the Physics and Informatics school classes with carefully selected hands-on activities to align with the School Curriculum that aims to involve 900 students annually. As a long- lasting solution approach, we empower local educators on how to use student- centered and project- based activities to run the project and teach science in general.

Age: 12 to 15

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