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Students Visions on the Future of Space Exploration is a research and development project for theinnovative OSOS schools. Exploration and pioneering have inspired and shaped civilizations since the dawn of history. Such endeavours are distinguishing characteristics of an advancing civilization. As people explore, they discover, innovate, prosper, lead— and become great. In this project, we have selected as the main topic a major challenge for the humankind: The journey to Mars.

The project is using the concept of storytelling a catalyst for the effective interaction between art and STEM disciplines which share in many ways similar values, similar themes and similar characteristics.  We want to extend the early year style of learning, so that learners of all ages continue to learn through a creative process of designing, creating, inquiring, experimenting, and exploring. Such a project introduces creative approaches in STEM education to generate alternative ideas and strategies within scientific enquiry as an individual or group, and reasoning critically between these. The project has been designed and test a new vision for teaching and help develop strategies for how teachers’ roles and conditions can support and enable deeper learning for students. To do that, a storytelling platform will be interlinked with the OSOS infrastructure, where students will develop and publish stories about a future Mars Mission with the aim to develop a sustainable community on Mars.

Age: 10 and 11

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