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Students are going to explore the world in an enterprising manner. They choose a country, they deepen in their chosen country and related chosen themes such as Healthcare and Education. If groups of students have studied their country, they present their work to other students, teachers and people from outside. Afterwards, they are instructed to process all information in a movie. The form of the movie can be chosen, so it can be a documentary, talk show or play. The movies are presented at a film festival that invites all interested parties. The organization of such a film festival takes care of the students themselves, so they also arrange the drinks and snacks for the public. During the whole project, external people will support students through workshops in which continents are presented, as well as workshops on making a movie and organizing an event. Students will develop entrepreneurial skills through this project. Entrepreneurial learning gives students the possibility to learn in practice and it also supports the development of the 21st century skills. The project requires an active attitude of every student.

Age: 14 and 15

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