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A Transfer Office is a physical space in the centre of the school where daily contacts take place between the school and its community. The purpose of a Transfer Office is to reduce the gap between the school and its community. A Transfer Office stimulates learning in the real world, with real needs and a real audience. The Transfer Office is manned by permanent office managers who are the direct contact for leaners and teachers who are looking for organizations and / or assignments from outside. Based on their needs the officer managers search for a suitable organization and share the needs of learners and teachers and make sure that their expectations are clear. Then the office managers connect the learner or teacher with the organization. On the other hand, organizations can sign up if they want to do more for the school. The officer managers will search for a connection with learners and teachers and the organization. Results of a Transfer Office are, for example, masterclasses for learners, real life assignments, apprenticeships and teacher courses. This results of all this is an enrichment of education.

Age 12 and up

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