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Water how it’s used and governed is a vital consideration for human health and well-being.The aim of the project is to design learning resources that can be used to develop students’ scientific knowledge of water and marine education. These resources will be presented as a collection of inquiry activities in three content strands: Water and Health, Recycling Water and Marine Science.Strand A:  Water and Health – role of Biofilms. This strand is a fun and safe way to introducemicrobiology and the associated terminology to the students.  Biofilms   can be found occurring naturally forming on any surface which is moist and is exposed to bacteria.

Activities introducing students to biofilms include making models of biofilm using modelling clay and gelatin, simulating the action of biofilm using modelling clay and hair gel.Strand B:  Recycling Water. This strand centers on various water remediation processes.  Activities in this strand will include – comparing the effect of a drop of water (from different sources) on agar gel, using a home made plankton net to harvest a stream and examine what it captured, simulating rain pollution through drains, making a simple filtering system, using sunlight and PET bottles to disinfect water. Strand C: Marine Science. This strand will focus on the occurrence and extent and innovation solutions to the effect of micro-plastics in the marine environment.

Age: 10 to 13

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