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The OSOS project offers inspiring projects, guidance, support and training to support schools with the implementation of open schooling projects and the Open Schooling Model.

The OSOS project develops an effective mechanism to support schools with the implementation of the Open School approach. The OSOS support mechanism offers different solutions in the phases towards an open school. You can think of numerous activities, such as trainings, vision building workshops, practice reflection workshops, hangouts and online support. There will also be arise networks of participating schools, called hubs. In these hubs, schools help each other with the implementation of the open school model. Collecting, sharing and improving good practices will take place in these hubs. The implementation of the project activities and the coordination of the hubs will be supported by the National Coordinators, who have many expertise, experiences and tools with helping schools to become an open school. In addition, the Inspiring Science Education platform is used to support this process.

In this project, schools can count on support around curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. There will be given guidelines and advices on different issues such as staff development, redesigning time, and partnerships with for instance; local industries, businesses, research centres, parents and policy makers. Finally, schools can count on a range of possible implementation models and a database full of existing ‘open school’ projects.

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