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Top view of group of students sitting together at table. University students doing group study.

The OSOS project offers inspiring projects, guidance, support and training to support schools with the implementation of open school projects and the Open Schooling Model.


An open school is a more engaging environment for learning and makes a vital contribution to the community: student projects meet real needs in the community outside school and draw upon local expertise and experience. And finally: learning in and together with the real world creates more meaning and more motivation for learners and teachers.

The OSOS project develops an effective mechanism to support (guidance, support, training) the implementation of the proposed Open Schooling Model  approach at large scale in Europe. This mechanism will support the school communities during the process through a) numerous participatory engagement activities (provision of guidelines and training, vision building workshops, practice reflection workshops, hangouts and online support) and b) networking opportunities. The role of the Open Schooling hubs will be varied with tasks expanding from proposing school projects, adapting them in order to fit theOpen Schooling Model  of the project, to providing guidance and reflective feedback. The Inspiring Science Education social platform is used to support the process, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and project and to map the schools’ development. The implementation of the project activities and the coordination of the national networks of schools will be supported by the National Coordinators, partner institutions that have direct access in school communities. With the support of the National Coordinators, the project team will set in place the support mechanism.

national coordinators for additional support

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